Brother Henry Hogged the Warm Sheets

My Disciples,

Last night the Guardians ran our bed sheets through the warming machine in the basement and then placed them on the bed.  Brother Henry discovered them first, and he had completely nestled himself in by the time I entered the room.  I jumped up on the bed and tried to snuggle in with Brother Henry, but he stretched out his paw and pushed Me away.

Henry laying on warm sheets and pushing Otis away.

I tried to snuggle on the warm sheets with Brother Henry, but he pushed me away.

I was shocked by Brother Henry’s insolence toward Me, The Leader!  I demanded to know what he thought he was doing preventing Me from enjoying some of the warm toastiness of the sheets.  Brother Henry opened his eyes and looked shocked.  He said, “Oh!  Leader Otis!  I’m so sorry!  I thought you were Brother Oliver!”  He then scooted over and I plopped down on the sheets.  I told him that I would let his mistake go this time, but if it happened again there would have to be some consequences and repercussions!  I then drifted off into a sound sleep.  When I awoke though, I was only partially on the sheets.  It seemed like Brother Henry was hogging them again!

Henry Hogging the sheets

When I woke up I felt like Brother Henry was hogging the sheets again. He denied it though.

Brother Henry said that I must have been having bad dreams and My tossing and turning made me roll off of the sheets.  Although I was still a bit suspicious, I had to admit the story seemed plausible.  I decided to let it go since I know that Brother Henry sometimes has difficulty sleeping unless he is on warm laundry.  At any rate, the next time the Guardians pull laundry out of the warming machine I am making sure that I get to the pile first.  I will not abide a repeat of last night’s events!

So Sayeth Otis

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5 responses to “Brother Henry Hogged the Warm Sheets

  1. Otis, you are a benevolent leader as wise as you are handsome. Your guardians are lucky for the privilege of serving you.

  2. all i can say is grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. you are both furry, fabulous & kittykaty. x

  3. I must admit that I cannot blame Brother Henry for selfishness. Those sheets do look so comforting.

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