Possum And A Tabby Cat Are Lost

My Disciples,

One of the Guardians had to take a drive out in the country for work, and it appears that country cats are going missing just like city cats.  The Guardian found two lost cat posters on his drive.  The first one announced that a white + tabby cat had gone missing.

Lost cat poster for a white and tabby cat.

This white + tabby cat has gone missing out in the country. I purr that he is alive and safe.

The second poster that the Guardian saw announced that a cat named “Possum” was missing.  The poster was on a telephone pole along a very busy road.  I felt very sad that someone would name their cat “Possum” and then let him wander free near the road.  I have heard what usually happens to “possums” in the road.

Lost cat poster for a cat named Possum.

I purr that Possum has not suffered the same fate that many opossums suffer in the road.

So the cycle continues, even out in the country.  Humans adopt a cat.  Humans let the cat wander free and unprotected.  The cat disappears and a poster goes up.  I have lost count of how many posters the Guardians have found so far, but every time I see one I hope it will be the last.  Every poster is a lesson for cat guardians everywhere.  How many times must the lesson be taught before its true message is finally learned?

So Sayeth Otis

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