Brother Henry’s Photography Secrets

My Disciples,

As I mentioned yesterday, I decided to speak with Brother Henry to find out what he wanted to share with Brother Oliver about the photograph he had taken.  As it turns out, the information was VERY important and might have helped Brother Oliver feel better about his own photographs.  You see, Brother Henry was batting a sparkly ball around the living room a few days ago and, after a particularly mighty swat, the ball landed next to the camera.  Brother Henry didn’t want to break the camera, so he leaned down to pick up the sparkly in his mouth to carry it elsewhere before resuming his play session.  When his face was up close to the camera, a little switch caught his eye.

A little switch with the letters MF and AF.

This is the switch that caught Brother Henry's eye. The white line was next to "MF" when he first saw it.

The switch offered two choices, “MF” and “AF”, and it looked like “MF” was the one that was selected.  Being a cat, Brother Henry was curious, so he decided to try to figure out what the switch was for.  He dragged the camera out into My Outdoor Domain and called Mama Cat over to be his photo subject.  Brother Henry can be a bit of a butterpaws, and he wanted to make sure the camera would stay in place, so he wedged the camera lens in between the bars of the domain to secure it.  He then took a picture with the switch in its default “MF” mode.  It did not turn out very well.

A blurry closeup of Mama Cat.

This is the photo of Mama Cat that Brother Henry took with the switch in "MF" mode. Looks kind of blurry to Me.

Brother Henry then moved the little switch to “AF” mode and took the picture that so upset Brother Oliver in yesterday’s Blog of Otis post.  Comparing the two photos, Brother Henry deduced what the “MF and “AF” on the switch stood for.  According to Brother Henry, “MF” is short for “Mediocre Fotos” and “AF” is short for “Awesome Fotos”.  I asked him why photos would be spelled with an “F” for the switch and he reminded Me that the camera was made by humans.  Humans aren’t as smart as cats and thus they will often spell things incorrectly.  To prove his point, he took Me to the computer and showed Me a website where people upload photos of cats and then write captions for them.  He said that the captions are supposed to be what the cats are thinking or saying, but you can tell they were written by humans because they are spelled so badly.  I was appalled that humans were misrepresenting My feline brothers and sisters in such a ridiculous manner and I made a note to revisit the site and lodge a complaint in the future.  I mean, we cats may make a typo or two from time to time, but we would never, EVER say anything like, “I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?”

Anyway, Brother Henry had made his point, and judging from the results of his test I would say his logic was sound.  And this is why Brother Henry was so excited to talk to Brother Oliver about his discovery.  He felt that, since Brother Oliver was already taking remarkable photos with the camera set on Mediocre Fotos mode, he could definitely become the world’s greatest kitty photographer with the camera switched to Awesome Fotos mode.

I immediately found Brother Oliver and shared this information with him.  He was so excited he jumped up immediately and ran off to find the camera.  I hear him out in My Outdoor Domain right now setting up for a shoot.  No doubt we will see more of his work in the not too distant future!

So Sayeth Otis

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5 responses to “Brother Henry’s Photography Secrets

  1. Mediocre Fotos and Awsome Fotos is good, but maybe you should consider the possibly that it means Manual Focus and Automatic Focus, just as a suggestion. 🙂

    • Joshua, I passed along your suggestion to Brother Henry and he said, “No. I’m sure the switch is for ‘Mediocre Fotos’ and ‘Awesome Photos’. I’m not sure what a ‘focus’ is.” So you might be right Joshua, but Brother Henry is not convinced ;-).

  2. Dame Peters

    Your blog is funny. lol I love the MF and AF description. lol As a photographer, this is very funny to me…lol If you are so inclined, you are welcome to check my photography blog ( I look forward to reading more about Otis and Henry lol.

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