Without Air Conditioning, I May Not Survive

My Disciples,

I know I am always going on about how the Guardians keep Me safe, healthy and happy, but this week I think their behavior may be bordering on neglect.  I mean, there was a day or two when the temperatures must have climbed all the way into the high 70’s!  The Brothers and I are constantly wearing non-removable fur coats!  We can’t take scorching temperatures like this for long.  I was so hot one day that I collapsed in front of the cat tree with drawers and couldn’t move for several hours for fear of overheating!

Otis crashed out on the floor in front of a bureau.

I nearly died this day. The temperature was a blistering 77-degrees. That's 25-degrees Celsius for My non-American Disciples.

You would think that, with The Brothers and I suffering so greatly in this intolerable heat, the Guardians would rush out immediately and buy a 1 million BTU air conditioner to cool down their kitties before they melt.  But so far I have seen no sign that the Guardians are even contemplating doing so.  I am very disappointed in them, and I shall let them know by horking something wet and awful into one of their shoes.  Of course, I’ll have to wait until it cools off to do so.  I want them to learn, but I don’t want to give Myself heat stroke in the process.

So Sayeth Otis

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6 responses to “Without Air Conditioning, I May Not Survive

  1. Hmm, Leader Otis, it seems you’ve decided to join the very conspiracy you yourself busted.

    • Fortunately, the Guardians cleaned up the mess Brother Oliver and I had made before Brother Henry discovered it. If they hadn’t, I’m sure Brother Henry would have launched his own investigation into the great kitchen barfathon conspiracy!

  2. The tile Otis!! Discover the nice cool saving grace of the tile floor!

    • Tile? What is this tile of which you speak? My Indoor Domain has carpet and something called “Linoleum”, but no magical tile. I do sometimes like to lay in the bathtub or the sink though because of their pleasing coolness . 🙂

  3. hopewellmomschoolagain

    Linoleum will do–it’s way cooler to the touch than carpet. Head there before you faint in the heat guy!

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