Chessie, Lily, Luther And A Kitten Are Missing! One Kitten Is Found…

My Disciples,

It seems that the Guardians can’t leave the house without finding the evidence of poorly protected cats everywhere.  Today I have three missing adult cats, one missing kitten and one found kitten (not the same kitten) to report.  So much loss.  So much pain.  So completely unnecessary and preventable.  I am one sad kitty today.

The first lost cat to report is Chessie.  Like The Brothers and I, he is a neutered male, but he is much younger than any of us at only 1 year of age.  According to the poster, losing Chessie has left a huge hole in his guradians’ family.  I can only imagine what it has done to Chessie himself if he is still alive.

A lost cat poster for Chessie.

My tabby brother Chessie is lost. I purr that he has been found by someone who is keeping him safe.

The second cat that has entered the ranks of the lost is a sweet, friendly orange tabby named Luther.  He was known to greet people that walked by his house, and his family misses him terribly.

Lost cat poster for Luther.

Luther is lost. His family misses him terribly. I purr that he is safe.

Lily, one of My gray tabby sisters, is also missing.  She may have been spooked by a neighbor’s construction activity.  According to the poster she is a very smart cat that knows her neighborhood and can find her way home.  That may be true, but she cannot adequately protect herself from cars, dogs, coyotes, eagles, poisons, cruelty or the other dangers that exist in her neighborhood.  This protection must be provided by a guardian.  In lily’s case it was not.  I fear that no matter how smart My sister is, she may be physically unable to make her way home at this point.

A lost cat poster for Lily.

Lily is lost. I purr that she is alive and in the protective custody of some caring person.

A nine week old kitten went missing right outside My own door.  A neighbor stopped by and delivered a poster to The Guardians of Otis announcing that the kitten was lost.  The kitten had been in their care for less than two weeks before he went missing.  I felt both very sad and extremely angry to hear this news.

Lost kitten poster

A nine week old kitten is lost. I purr that he is safe.

Finally, we have a six to nine month old kitten that has been found.  She is undernourished and has no collar or microchip for identification.  She is very sweet and friendly.

Found kitten poster.

This kitten was lost or abandoned. I am thankful she was found by caring people.

This staggering amount of loss is hanging heavy on My heart, My Disciples.  With poster after poster going up all over town, how can humans not see the error of their ways in letting their cats roam free and unprotected?  The words on the posters seem to indicate that these cats are cherished members of the family, but why then were they treated as if they were disposable?  What will it take to cause widespread change in human opinions and behavior?

Again, My Disciples, I implore you to help Me spread the word about the importance of keeping kitties safe.  There are many ways you can do this even if you dislike confrontation.  Referring people to The Cult of Otis website is a passive way to get information to those who need it.  The site runs through some basics of responsible kitty guardianship in the form of The Commandments of Otis and The Nine Deadly Sins, plus there is other good information to be found there.  You can also go to the site and look at the links under the “Get Involved” tab to find more ways that you can spread the word and support the cause.

I purr that you will help Me in this important work, My Disciples.  Without your help, I fear that these lost cat posters will simply continue to appear for the foreseeable future.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to simply sit idly by and let that happen.  I hope that you are not willing to do that either.

So Sayeth Otis

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