It Is OK For Some Cats To Be Outside

My Disciples,

I have had several non-believers contact Me and express their anger at some of My teachings.  They claim that some cats are smarter than others (meaning their cats, I’m sure) and they are perfectly safe wandering around in the world without walls.  Obviously, I strongly disagreed with their point of view, but as I am an open-minded kitty I decided to send the Guardians of Otis out to do a little research for Me.  Frankly, what they found was a bit of an eye-opener for Me.  You see, I was wrong.  There really are some kitties that are perfectly fine being let outside into the world without walls.  The Guardians found some such kitties at the local home and garden store.

Cat Statues

I humbly admit that I was wrong. These kitties would be perfectly fine to be outside in the world without walls.

Yep, it would be absolutely fine to put those kitties outside with no safe boundaries.  I’m not saying that they wouldn’t still disappear or be harmed by someone or something in the neighborhood, but I wouldn’t be worried about them being scared, hurt or otherwise suffering.  And these weren’t the only examples that the Guardians found on their research trip.  They even found some kittens that could be allowed to roam free in the yard without worrying about their safety.  The Guardians even said that if these particular kittens were in our yard, they would be very happy if they disappeared!

Basket of Kittens statue.

These kittens would be perfectly fine to leave out in the yard without protection.

So there you have it, My Disciples.  I was wrong.  Not every cat needs to be safely confined.  So if any of you have friends that insist that there are cats that don’t need safe boundaries, you can tell them that they are right.  But you should also remind them that any cat that is real and presently alive really should be safely contained.

So Sayeth Otis

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4 responses to “It Is OK For Some Cats To Be Outside

  1. Rock on, Otis! I totally agree with you.

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