Desmond is Missing!

My Disciples,

Yet another of My feline brothers has fallen into the ranks of the missing.  His name is Desmond.  He has been missing since August 13, and his guardians found his collar in the alley behind their home.  Making matters even worse, Desmond has health problems and requires weekly medications.

A poster for a missing cat named Desmond.

Desmond is missing. He is sick and requires weekly medications. I purr that he is somewhere safe.

I cannot say anything more on this subject than I have already said a hundred times over.  Every one of these posters should serve as a glaring reminder of the importance of keeping kitties safely confined.  Until cat guardians everywhere shed their misconception that cats should be allowed to roam free, My brothers and sisters will continue to suffer the consequences of human ignorance.  I continue to purr that humans can be taught, and that one day all will come to the light.  I also continue to hope and purr that all Disciples of Otis will try their hardest to help Me spread The Good Word.

So Sayeth Otis

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2 responses to “Desmond is Missing!

  1. Poooooooor Desmond.
    I hope he is found VERY soon.


  2. Waterbug, companion to Chris

    Poor Desmond. I purr for his safe return soon.


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