Gross! Don’t Turn Your Neighborhood Into A Litter Box.

My Disciples,

While I am always extolling the virtues of keeping your kitties safely contained, there is one good reason to do so that I have thus far avoided discussing.  You see, like every other animal on the planet, we kitties have to get rid of waste.  Aside from a few ingenious kitties that have learned to use human toilets, cats require a litter box in which to do their duty.  Now, I understand that cat poo and pee is not the most fun stuff to deal with.  We get it.  That’s why we bury it in the litter (or, if the cat has KBADS like Brother Henry they TRY to bury it).  But the litter box helps ensure that you only have to clean up our waste in designated areas.  Yeah, it stinks, but that’s what you signed up for when you became a kitty guardian.

But what about those kitties that are pushed out the door into Limbo every day?  They don’t have litter boxes outside, so where does all their duty go?  The Guardians recently showed me a series of photos that helped to answer that question.

Cat poop in the grass

Exhibit A- This photo was taken in the yard beside My house. That poo does not belong to Brothers or Me. We never go outside.

Cat Poop in the dirt floor of a garage.

Exhibit B- This photo was taken in the Guardian's dirt-floored garage. The Brothers and I have never been in there, but Zephyr and Poppy from next door sure have.

Cat Poop in the grass

Exhibit C- This photo was taken in My front yard. Again, The Brothers and I don't go out there, but Poppy, Zephyr, Cookie, Nacho, Mama Cat, Stanley, Domino and about 5 other neighbor's kitties have been seen hanging out there.

Obviously, the Guardians of Otis love cats, but they don’t love that every time they go outside they have to watch their step because their neighbors are irresponsible pet guardians.  They have heard cat guardians say that they let their cat outside because they don’t like cleaning litter boxes.  I say that, if that is the case, then cat guardianship is not the job for them.

As annoyed as the Guardians are with the dozens of piles of poo in their yard and the pervasive cat pee smell, they are still first and foremost concerned for the safety of the cats that are doing the pooing and peeing.  The guardians that are letting their cats roam free and do their business outside are putting their kitties’ lives at risk in an additional way.  For example, Brother Henry and I have come down with urinary tract infections in the past.  The only reason the Guardians were able to recognize that we were having a problem was because they were very familiar with our litter box habits.  When our habits suddenly changed, the Guardians immediately got us checked out (at The Bad Place…yikes!  But still…) If we had been roaming free and using the neighborhood as our litter box, the Guardians may not have even realized we were having a problem until it was too late.

Last but not least, for all our neighbors know the Guardians could be short-tempered, non-compassionate crazy people.  They’re not, but some people are, and if they continually find poo in their yard they may irrationally blame the cat instead of the cat’s guardians.  In that case, they may do something very bad to the cat!

My Disciples, please spread the word about these additional reasons to keep cats safely contained.  And if you have acquaintances that let their kitties out simply to avoid cleaning up after them, let them know that there is a companion animal that would be a much better fit for them.  It is called a pet rock.

So Sayeth Otis

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5 responses to “Gross! Don’t Turn Your Neighborhood Into A Litter Box.

  1. Eewww around here we definately prefer cat poo encased in cat litter!

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