The Mighty Stanley

My Disciples,

Yesterday I learned that there is a cat wandering around in Limbo in My neighborhood that is larger than Brother Henry!  As you know, Brother Henry is 17 pounds of tabby fury, but the cat that came to visit the Guardians yesterday looked like he might be at least 19 or 20 pounds of tuxedo kitty fury!

A large tuxedo kitty with a collar that has a tag with Stanley written on it.

Meet the mighty Stanley!

This black-and-white giant was wearing a collar that bore his name, “Stanley”.  As the Guardians approached Stanley and greeted him, I saw him open his mouth and vocalize.  The window from which I was watching was closed so I couldn’t hear him, but I imagined that Stanley had let loose with a mighty lion-like roar!

Stanley with his mouth open vocalizing.

I imagined that Stanley's voice was like the roar of a lion.

Despite what must have been a very intimidating roar, the Guardians proceeded to give Stanley pets.  He seemed to thoroughly enjoy them.  Because of the collar and his friendly nature, it is clear that Stanley has guardians in the neighborhood that must care about him.  But those guardians are shirking part of their responsibility to Stanley by allowing him to live his life in Limbo.  Although he is a large and mighty kitty, he is definitely not as mighty as the coyotes, cars, dogs, eagles and other dangers that exist out there in the world without walls.

Perhaps his guardians have not thought about the dangers Stanley may face outside, or perhaps they feel that Stanley’s premature death is an acceptable risk.  Honestly, I cannot say what they think for sure because humans are usually a complete puzzle to Me.  I do know that if they lose Stanley they will likely be devastated by the loss.  I purr that this never happens, but if it does I purr that Stanley’s guardians will recognize their responsibility in the tragedy and make the choice to keep any future kitties they adopt safely confined and out of harm’s way.

So Sayeth Otis



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12 responses to “The Mighty Stanley

  1. “17 pounds of tabby fur!!”

    Meoooooooooow. Purrrrrrrr. Grrrrrrrrrr.

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  11. Mee-you mee an LadyMum came rite over to reed bout thee Mitey Stanley…hee iss handsum. Pleese let him bee all rite!
    ‘Purrince’ Siddhartha an LadyMum
    (Jan. 2015)

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