Kitty Close-up #9

My Disciples,

It’s time for another image from My Kitty Close-ups photo series.  I won’t tell you what it is just yet, but I’ll give you a hint: These parts of Me were much rougher and dryer, and more cracked and pitted when I was wandering alone in the wilderness.

A close-up of Otis's foot pads.

These are much softer and cleaner than they used to be. Can you guess what they are?

In case you didn’t already guess, they are My foot pads!  When the Guardians first swept Me up in The Capture, I remember one of them remarking on how rough and hard My foot pads felt compared to those of Brothers Henry and Oliver.  My pads still bear a few scars from My time in the shadows, but these days they are soft and supple from living the good life in The Promised Land.  I hope that all of your cats have soft and supple paws too!

So Sayeth Otis


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