True Faces of the Saints: St. Marvie

My Disciples,

Today I bring you the true face of Saint Marvie:  Patron Saint of Forgiveness for the Cult of Otis.  She was my sister, and her story, more than any other, is very difficult for the Guardians and Me.  In fact, the pain we felt over her loss is directly responsible for the creation of the Cult of Otis.  Please read and share her story so that it may help other kitties that are lost in the wilderness.

So Sayeth Otis

Saint Marvie:  Patron Saint of Forgiveness card.

Spread the image of Saint Marvie so that others may know her and learn from her story.

St. Marvie- Patron Saint of Forgiveness

Marvie was believed to have been Otis’s sister. That knowledge makes her story an even more difficult one to tell. At some point in Marvie’s first or second year of life, she was live-trapped, spayed, the tip of her right ear was cut off and she was abandoned back into the outdoors. It is questionable whether or not the person responsible for this even provided food for her after the fact as Marvie was frequently spotted in Otis’s backyard, hungry and in need of a meal. Understandably, she was extremely distrustful of people and would not go near a live trap. Eventually, when the rest of Otis’s flock had either been captured or disappeared, Marvie began to warm to the Guardians of Otis. Through 6 months of patient work, she progressed all the way to the point where she would allow herself to be pet for short periods of time. Just as it looked as if she would be able to make the transition to living indoors with Otis and his family, she disappeared. She reappeared a week later with signs of a severe respiratory infection. In her weakened state she was again terrified of people and could not be approached or captured to accept aid. She slowly wasted away for 5 days until she was weak enough to be captured. By then the only help that she could be given was a humane release from her suffering.

Saint Marvie’s eventual trust of the Guardians of Otis demonstrated the enormous capacity she had for forgiveness. She had been badly betrayed by humans in her past, but in time she was able to face her fears and lower her guard enough to make a connection with people who cared deeply about her. It is very likely that, had she been worked with earlier in her life when she was first trapped, Marvie could have made the transition to life in a loving family just as Otis had. Even in spite of the pain of her past, she was well on her way to making that transition when disease took her. Saint Marvie watches over cats who have been wrongly identified as ferals and trapped, altered and released. She tries to give them the courage to face their fears and seek out humans who will recognize their plight and bring them in from the shadows. She also gives strength and patience to humans that are trying to reach these cats, and she attempts to give them comfort if they are unable to reach them or if they lose them.

Marvie, a medium-haired gray tabby sits in a box and faces the camera.  Her right ear is missing about a half-inch at the tip.

The true face of Marvie. Her right ear tip has been cut off, indicating that someone trapped her, spayed her and put her back out in the wilderness.



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6 responses to “True Faces of the Saints: St. Marvie

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  2. mistletoeandhitch

    Saint Marvie, your story is one that will touch many humans. Our brothers Tiger & Pumpkin were born of a feral mother. She was wary of the live trap throughout her pregnancy but took the risk for food after her kittens were born. Her three babies were found and the four reunited at the Vets office. The story of how she came to the Vets attention would take up too much space and we are aware that we write more than a comment on too many occasions so we’ll try to be brief. To release a mother back to the wild would seem like certain death. She had come to see humans as a source of food. Luckily, after the babies were weaned mother was allowed to live out her natural life in a barn on the property of one of the partners. She was provided with fresh food and water, along with clean straw, blankets and in winter, heat. A number of similar cats shared the space. Trap, Neuter and Release needs to also provide Management. Stopping the birth of future ferals is important and commendable but providing for the living animal here and now should not be overlooked. I know many people do great work helping both limbo and feral kitties but it is important to get our local governments involved in humane, feral management. Something to keep in mind if feral cats exist in your area. Don’t let another walk in St. Marvie’s paw prints.
    We apologize for taking so much time and space in your blog.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • Again, no need to apologize M and H. Thank you for the comments. I wholeheartedly agree that providing for the living animal here and now needs a greater emphasis in feral management. Spaying and neutering does prevent reproduction, but it does not alleviate suffering. Quality of life should be be given heavy consideration when trying to decide a kitty’s future.

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