My Work Is Never Done


Zephyr is one of many unfortunate souls doomed to live in Limbo by irresponsible guardians.

After the Guardians completed their work rescuing 23 cats (including me) from the shadows of my former kingdom in Edmonds, we were all looking forward to a fresh start in West Seattle.  Shortly after settling into our new home, it became apparent that all was not well with the state of kitty guardianship in this part of the city.  Free roaming cats are everywhere here, doomed to live in Limbo where they will encounter danger at every turn.

And what becomes of these cats that spend part of their time in the world without walls?  If their guardians are lucky, the felines come home safe and sound at the end of their wanderings.  Unfortunately, luck is not always on their side.

Lost Cat Posters

The last place many outdoor cats are ever seen is in an image on a “lost cat” poster.

A cat without the protection of safe boundaries is vulnerable.  Cars, wild animals, poisons, dogs, cruel humans, even other cats all pose very real risks to a kitty at large.  Being a responsible cat guardian means keeping your feline companion safely separated from these dangers.  You choose for your cat what is safe and what is not.  If you don’t, the last choice you may ever make for your cat is which photos to use on his or her missing poster.

It troubles me that my furry brothers and sisters are being treated as if they are disposable.  The dangers to us in the outside world are very real.  We know we can be difficult, and we are often compelled to beg for complete freedom even though it is not in our best interest.  We have some wildness left in our nature, but we are no longer wild and we can no longer protect ourselves in the wilderness.  It is the job of our guardians to satisfy our cravings for wildness through play and other means of enrichment.  The Guardians of Otis have learned this lesson well, and their rewards have been immeasurable.

And now, my disciples, I must go and meditate on my Sacred Golden Pillow.  Much work is ahead of me, and I hope you will join the Guardians, the Brothers and I in spreading The Good Word to make the world a safer place for all felinekind.

So Sayeth Otis

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